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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Autobiography....!! :)

Autobiography....Dfntly U'll laugh.. Read it

I was like this

then one day I saw a gal

she was like this...

but actually with out make-up she was like this.. but even after that i liked her

I like her so much ... i told lot of lies to her , for example "u r soooo cute"

I promised her a lot..

I gave costly gifts on feb 14th.. like

I gave a shock like this when she accepted my proposal

I used to talk whole night and do this at office...

When ever i go with my gal friend , My friends will look at me like this....

there I give a pose like this to them

Atlast my gal friend gave the roses to me like this..

i dont know what to do ...

I started ...................

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